Henna Mix Powder ,50g

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We all know the importance of henna powder for hairs, the addition of Shikakai, methi ,Amla, Bringraj, hibiscus and Neem powder into the mixture makes the powder more potent for the hairs, each of the ingredient in the mixture has it’s own impoertance, let’s look out the essentiality of each ingredient:

Shikakai powder makes the hairs strong

Methi powder removes dandruff from hairs

Amla powder makes the haiirs silky and shiny

Bhringraj powder promotes hair growth

Hibiscus powder is good for conditioning

Neem powder removes dirt and bad odour from hairs

and Henna powder acts as a natural dye for hairs and protects the hairs from sun damage.


Heena Mix Powder with Shikakai, Methi,Amla,Bringraj,hibiscus,Neem and Heena for Hair Wash|Mehndi Mix powder|Herbal hair care powder|Natural Organic Henna Powder For Hair

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